Webmaster Information

You have also a website with some adult content? Then you're in the right place.

On our website, you'll get a big overview of many porn sites and we take care to select listed porn sites with the user in mind. PornCrash is a clean list and if you're running a site with under aged or animal content you can quit here. We have absolutely zero tolerance for this kind of content.

We at PornCrash always looking for new trades with awesome porn sites or other great deals.
Read on and check out all required information to promote your site on our big collection of porn sites.

How it works

PornCrash list is ordered by value. You therefore don't have to send a huge amount of users. If you're sending Convertable traffic you can be sure, that we will return this traffic.

Our list is and also will stay in the future ad and popunder free!

We don't use any methods to skimm or force our users. If you get some traffic you get it because users click on your link!

The Rules

  • Your site have to be at least 3 months old.
  • Your Alexa rank have to be below 300.000.
  • A Backlink is required except you have quality trade traffic & geo.
  • You provide unique content and frequent updates

You'll get

  • At least one link in one of our categories.
  • By time a full site review & a single page with user comment function.
  • You give a backlink? You'll get one!

If you have read this short infos & rules you can contact us!