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    The Real Workout

    Updated on May 5, 2017
    Workout porn is indeed real workout, only that here there’s no running, weight lifting, or aerobics! Rather, it’s pure pussy workout! There are multiple erotic scenes of busty babes being fucked by their trainers after a workout; or the Yoga teacher who eats her student’s pussy right on top of the Yoga mat. In other videos, you’ll watch breathlessly as a big model with big boobs jogs on the road with no bra; you’ll love how the tits bounce up and down. Basically, workout porn has laid bare the sexual attraction. But there’s a rough side to it, especially when some models are forced to lift weights while sitting on a dick; talk of multi tasking!
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    You Won’t Believe What Goes On Behind Closed Doors in the Gyms; Best Workout Porn Ever

    Visitors to the site will be dumbfounded, even confused by the numerous naughty and dirty videos that litter the home page. Riding dick as you lift dumbbells, the Yoga teacher getting cosy with her student as she lies eagle spread on the mat, or the naughty gym guy who penetrates a girl from behind as she bends over to tie her shoe laces; there’s no shortage really of adrenalin filled action. You’ll also love the sexy twerking and shaking videos, girls teasing you with their asses as they train and stretch their bodies. All sports are featured here, each given its own porn angle and dimension; Soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, and so many more have all featured.

    The interface and usability of the site

    You will find it easy and fun navigating through the real workout, as the site’s interface is user friendly. You’ll have over 30 videos on the first page, all full of amazing workout porn in HD. In order to find out which of the top rated videos you should start with, you’ll see that each video has the number of views below it. The more the views, the more the video is likely to be dope. Some videos have teasing thumbnails of a dick trying to penetrate a girl with her panty still on; you’ll find yourself staring and imagining what would happen if there were no panty.

    Benefits of joining real workout

    - The site offers 24/7 customer care support; think for instance some videos not playing in your iPhone, being unable to stream the videos live, and such like.

    - Secondly, your anonymity is 100% assured; think of instances where you need to leave a comment after watching a video without wanting the world to know who you really are.

    - The billing is also done privately and discretely.


    - 2 day trial costs $ 1

    - 1 month membership costs $ 28.97

    - 3 month membership will cost you $ 16.62 which has to be paid in a one-off amount (this translates to an unbelievable 33% off).


    There are few workout porn videos online and this site offers a welcome break from the traditional bedroom porn. Enjoy the naughty combination of gym workouts and the fucking that goes on behind the scenes between trainers and their students.
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