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    Twistyshard.com has a bevy of beautiful girls. You’ll actually see some of the top rated videos featured on the home page and get an idea of just how much hardcore porn is featured. The cameras do a great job capturing those magical moments, you’ll find yourself massaging your dick or wanking off as you observe the twisty hard videos. In a nutshell, this is a site for beautiful women, big dicks, and raw hardcore sex that are captured so well in HD.

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    Updated on Aug 28, 2017

    The Best Hardcore Sex You’ve Ever Watched Online

    You’ll like the variety of hardcore sex videos on the site, with some so erotic that you’ll never really be able to forget or delete some of the action you watch. The producers and directors have ensured that each video is done in a different setting, under different circumstances.

    Every video has its wow moments and there’s no shortage of hardcore scenes, the kind that you rewind again and again just to understand what the fuck is going on. Young, pretty babes with tight, firm bums getting fucked by huge dicks in all positions and styles.

    Twistys hard is part of the Twistys Network. This means you'll get access to about 11 of their sites.

    Design and usability

    The website is user friendly, there are no annoying pop up ads or promo video. Here, you just click on the site and you’ll get the hundreds of videos all splashed on the Home Page. All featured videos are so clear and high quality that you’ll be spoilt on which to really start with; all have erotic thumbnails that leave little to the imagination.

    Notable disadvantage

    The hardcore sex videos are unlike anything you have ever seen, no doubt about that. However, the site doesn’t have a single free video for preview. This means that you have to first register as a member before you can catch the action. But in a way, this is compensated for in the high quality and erotic thumbnails of the featured videos. The thumbnails are large and so clear that you can get an idea of just what the video is all about.

    Subscription and membership

    To access all videos and bonus scenes of twistys hard you have to subscribe to a paid plan.

    • 1 month membership $29.99
    • 3 month membership $19.99 payable as a one-off payment of $59.99
    • 12 month membership $9.99 payable as a one-off payment of $119.99


    Rough sex, hardcore sex lovers; this is the site for you and you won’t get disappointed by the twistys videos therein. If you thought you have an idea of just how flexible a woman’s pussy is, you’ll be proven wrong! The huge dicks here get swallowed by pussies with ease, leaving only the outer lips as the only evidence that there’s a hole in there.

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