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    Have you ever been watching the news and thought "this would be more exciting if the news anchors were sexy naked chicks"? We are sure that many people have.

    Regular news are important, if you don't watch news, you are uninformed, but the problem is that getting to learn about the current events is far from sexy. Nobody has ever thought that news will become sexy, until now.

    Today, a website nakednews.com is the hottest place online where you can learn about current events related to politics, sports, culture, and more, but with a twist - news anchors are gorgeous naked ladies!

    Peaked your interest? Read on, and find out why many people are switching from regular news to naked news.

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    Updated on Aug 1, 2017

    Content on NakedNews.com

    We have to say that this is the first time we have seen a website like nakednews.com. We are used to browsing XXX websites everyone knows and loves, but we decided to try out something different. First of all, there are no hardcore scenes on this website, this means that you won't see any penetration, but that's not a bad thing.

    Every video starts with a beautiful girl presenting the news to the viewer. Some of the girls start completely naked, while the others have underwear on, or a suit, but the point is - all of them end up naked.

    There are thousands of videos on nakednews.com, and all of them can be streamed and/or downloaded. Streaming speeds are great! We haven't had any problems with buffering. As soon as we click on play, the video starts to play without any hiccups. Most of the videos can be watched in full HD, but you can also choose lower resolutions if you have problems with your connection. You can choose to download a particular news segment that you've enjoyed, or you can download the full program - the choice is yours.

    The website is updated often - 6 new episodes per week, which means that you will never run out of something to watch. The website has a good number of beautiful women presenting news, and you can even check out the previous anchors. You can check out every one of those gorgeous girls by clicking on her name. You can read her biography, view her segments, and check out her nude pictures. Photos can't be downloaded as zip files, but you can save them individually.

    Is Membership Expensive?

    The prices are fairly standard, but there is an option that we don't see on other websites. Read on, and find out how much you will have to pay if you want to become a member.

    • $20 for a 1-month membership
    • $72 for a 1-year membership ($6 per month)
    • $179 for a lifetime membership

    As you can see, the best value is provided by the lifetime membership, but the 1-year membership is nothing to scoff at. The only minor annoyance is that there is no option for a trial membership.

    Will I have Problems With Navigating Nakednews.com?

    Navigating this website is pretty straightforward. As soon as you log in, you are greeted with a player showing you today's news. You are free to watch the entire program, or only the segments which interest you.

    The "blog" tab shows you short news related to sex, nudism, women, and more. The "anchors" tab presents you with current anchors, guest anchors, and previous anchors. You can easily click on the lady you like, which takes you to a page dedicated to her. There you can watch all of her segments, read her biography, and browse through her XXX pictures gallery.

    The "archive" tab is self-explanatory, but it gives you a few helpful sorting options. You can search the archives by anchor, segment, and date - this way you can easily find a particular segment you have enjoyed in the past. Last, but not least, the "discounts" tab provides nakednews.com members with special discounts to many other adult websites - this is a nice bonus that we greatly appreciate.

    Are There Any Downsides?

    Some of the older videos aren't relevant, which is completely expected, but the problem is that those videos are usually low in quality. The bigger problem is that it is sometimes hard to search the videos because there are no tags to help you out.

    Besides these two minor flaws, we haven't noticed anything that can be considered a huge problem.

    Are There Any Bonuses?

    There are some, but not many. Every member receives bonus content from Mr. Skin website. If you are a fan of celebrities, then you will appreciate the bonus, but if you are not, you will probably ignore it.

    In our opinion, a better bonus for members can be found on the Special Offers page, where you can use discounts to become a member of websites like Playboy TV, EroticaX, Petite HD Porn, Metart, Sexart, and more!

    Final Words

    If you are a type of a person who enjoys watching news, but also enjoys beautiful naked ladies, then nakednews.com will become your new favorite place to spend your time on. The prices of membership are fair, download and streaming speeds are good, new content is added often, and the discounts are the cherry on top.

    Naked News is not an ordinary website, it is not even an ordinary adult website - it is something special that has to be experienced to be understood. If you like the idea of this kinky website, you should definitely check it out!

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