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    Mr. Man is a website created mostly for the ladies, gay men, and bisexual men. The name might seem familiar - if you have heard of Mr Skin, you will be glad to know that the same people who have created that website work on this one.

    Most of the men you can see on mrman.com are celebrities, but you can also find athletes, models, reality stars, musicians, singers, and more.

    The premise of the site is simple - watch pictures and videos of gorgeous male abs, asses, and sometimes even their dicks. If you see yourself as a person who might find the content on mrman.com interesting, read on, and learn whether this website is right for you.

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    Updated on Aug 1, 2017

    Content on mrman.com

    We are sure that there are lots of women and men who love male celebrities out there. There is something peculiar about nudity in non-porn videos, and Mr Man website is dedicated to nudity of famous people.

    If you enjoy watching movies, you know that there are plenty of gorgeous actors out there, and we are certain that you have hoped to see at least some of them naked. Thanks to this website, your dream can easily become a reality, since you can see plenty of male actors on this website. Some of the sexy men you can see are: Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Paul Walker, Gerard Butler, Keanu Reeves, Heath Ledger, and more.

    If you are curious about singers and musicians, don't worry, you can see them too. Men like David Bowie, 50 Cent, Lenny Kravitz, DMX, Machine Gun Kelly, Zayn Malik, and others can easily be seen on this website.

    Some of the men are shirtless, the others are in their underwear, and some are completely nude. You will have to see it to believe it, but plenty of A-list male stars aren't as shy as their female counterparts, and Mr Man shows it!

    There are over 5,000 videos on this website, which means that you will need to spend a lot of time if you want to see it all. Browsing through all of them is pretty easy since you can filter many different options while searching for someone particular.

    The quality of the videos varies, but newer ones are offered in HD. All of the videos can be streamed and/or downloaded. An interesting fact about the videos is that when a moment when a dick appears in the scene is short, a slow motion effect called "Skin Vision" is activated, which helps you see everything you might want to see. We appreciate this addition because we know that most of the nude scenes in movies tend to be short.

    One of the things we love the most about this website is that it is updated on a daily basis - this means that you will never run out of gorgeous men to watch. It also means that whenever a new TV show or a movie comes out, you can be sure that you will find all of the sexy male scenes on Mr Man.

    Is it Expensive to Become a Member?

    Membership on MR Man is fairly standard, but the lack of payment options is one thing that we don't like.

    If you want to become a member, you will have to pay:

    • $15.00 per month for a monthly membership
    • $72.00 for a 1-year membership ($6 per month)

    Is Website Navigation a Problem?

    We have to say that this adult website offers tons of navigational options, which are bound to help you out. You can use the tabs that are self-explanatory to easily navigate the website. If you are curious about the latest updates, simply click on the "Updates" tab. The same goes for everything else on this website.

    No element on this website is useless, and every part of it serves to help you easily find what you want to find. When want to browse through the men on Mr Man, you will see many helpful sorting options like: Hair Color, Ethnicity, celebrity keywords (athlete, model, singer, childhood star, etc.), content keywords (balls, penis, gay, shirtless, erect, etc.), country, and more.

    As you can clearly see, navigating this adult website is a breeze, and we have to say that this fact is one of the biggest positive features on this website.

    Are There Any Downsides?

    We have noticed only a few, and most of them are minor annoyances that most of the people won't even notice, but one thing stands out - there are no zipped photo sets. We would love to be able to download all of the photos without having to save them all one by one. It is a simple quality of life improvement that would help out a great deal.

    What About Bonus Content?

    The website offers some bonus content, but not much. If you are curious about it, you can click on “Bonus Porn” and you will be taken to a page filled with hardcore gay porn.

    Besides free gay porn, you can also click on "Specials" where you will find amazing deals for other paid websites like CockyBoys, BrokeStraightBoys, HelixStudios, FalconStudios, and more.

    Closing Words

    If you are a fan of male celebrities - this website is a godsend! We don't know of any other similar website, and if it exists, it surely isn't as massive as this one. The sheer amount of men to check out is enough to keep you busy for a long time.

    The website is easy to navigate and the videos load and download fast. It doesn't matter if you are male or female, Mr Man will provide you with everything you would like to see, and even more.

    If you have been desperately searching for a website that will cater to your male celebrity needs, you can stop searching, because the chances of finding a better website are near zero.

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