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    Do you have a fetish or secret fantasy for wet, messy sex? Then you’re in the right place! Lubed.com has hot and pretty ladies, and the cameras have done a generous job zooming in on the clean shaven, sweet pussies. But that’s not all; all the models have their bodies smeared with lube and body oils. If you didn’t know, lubed and oiled nude bodies tend to appear clearer on the camera, curves more defined. Now think of hot babes with extremely lubed thighs and pussies being fucked sensually. You don’t even need to hold or direct the dick with your hand; it slips and slides on the body, looking for the pussy entrance. The lubed porn slideshow at the site’s homepage features sensual videos of lube being squeezed on a models butt hole, before dripping down slowly to her buttocks and thighs; it’s a fetish that will instantly make your dick twitch and throb.

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    Updated on Apr 27, 2017

    A Wet Pussy Is Irresistible; Seeing is believing

    All the models have extensively used lube in their sex videos, even massaging their boobs and nipples with it as they get fucked up. The same applies to the dicks; you’ll be taken aback watching the lube dripping on the erect dick, before the girl proceeds to massage and fondle it with zeal and passion. And just when you think the guy has started moaning and is about to cum, the lady quickly inserts it in her equally wet and lubed up pussy. The end result is that you’ll literally be glued to your screen, taking in each scene and looking forward to the next.

    One of the things that is worth noting is the fact that all of the videos can be streamed in gorgeous full HD. If your Internet speed is slow, don't worry, you can stream the videos in low resolutions as well. There is a special option that can't be seen on most of the porn sites out there - downloads in 4K. Yup, if you want to watch yummy wet pussy in the highest resolution, you can do it!

    Besides videos, you will find galleries of screencaps, as well as galleries of pictures. All of the pictures can be viewed on the website, but they can also be downloaded as zipped files. Plenty of websites out there don't care too much about security, but this one does. If you worry that your information is not encrypted - stop worrying, because holed.com uses SSL encryption to provide you with a safe browsing experience.

    We love the fact that the videos are exclusive to this website - this means that you can only see them on lubed dot com, and nowhere else! There are plenty of attractive models, and we enjoyed watching all of them being bonked hard.

    Usability and design of lubed

    Unlike most lubed porn sites that litter their page with thumbnails of featured videos, Lubed.com has started with a slideshow at the top! The slideshow is so enticing, you’ll be tempted to pause or rewind it; but it’s automatically in motion. In one of the quick videos on the slideshow, you can see the pussy lips being massaged with lube, an angle that’s so rare as men are mostly used to seeing the inside of a pussy. The slideshow is dope; it’s the game changer that sets this site ahead of the rest. The videos are also categorized for ease of use; each has the date it was posted below it, while the top rated videos are also indicated. This makes it very easy to navigate through, picking wet pussy sex videos of your choice.

    Streaming speeds are good, we never had to pause a video and wait for it to be loaded. The same can be said about download speeds. New videos are added on a weekly basis, so you can enjoy a brand new hardcore lubed porn video every week.

    Extra Naughty and funny scenes

    From the hilarious flapping sound of a man’s balls as he bangs a woman on doggy style or the pussy farting loudly during intense fucking; these moments will really spice up your viewing. In another instance, a girl is on top and the dude is busy fingering her anus; but she is still able to have his dick between her cupped feet. And in another Wow moment, another lady stuffs the dude’s two testicles in her mouth during BJ. There are numerous naughty and funny moments that will forever linger on your mind.


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    • 3 month membership @ $19.97 per month but payable in one off amount of $59.95
    • 12 month membership at $119.40. This is the best deal as it’s equivalent to paying $9.95 a month!


    Lubed.com has incredible fucking scenes, all captured on HD and made even better by the excessive use of lube and massage oils. Very entertaining porn site.

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