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    Plenty of men out there go crazy over stunning Asian babes who enjoy nothing more than to ride on a big fat cock and take loads of hot cum. Asian chicks look lovely - they are cute, sexy, and they love to give head.

    If you are a fan of beautiful Asian gals, you might find out that this website is the place where you can get your fix.This Asian xxx website is filled with a huge amount of raunchy Asian porn.

    If you like watching Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Filipino, Korean, or other, you will be able to find them on Long Time Pass.

    Read on, and you will learn about everything this website has to offer.

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    Updated on Jun 2, 2017

    Exclusive Videos on Long Time Pass

    The first thing we have noticed upon visiting longtimepass.com is that the website loads fast. The design could be a little bit better, we simply didn't like the combination of colors, but that's very subjective.

    The more important thing is the fact that this website is loaded with thousands of videos. Yes, this website boasts a massive collection of high-quality porno movies.

    If you are a fan of exotic Oriental girls, you will be glad to know that this website is created for you! One of the things we all hate about Japanese porn is the censorship. Well, you won't find censored videos here! Yup, you can see all of the parts of the sweet Japanese chicks on this website. It doesn't matter if they are masturbating, sucking a big cock, being penetrated hard, or enjoying raunchy group sex. What matters is that you will see no blurred parts - now that's what we appreciate in Japanese porn.

    We have mentioned that Long Time Pass features a huge number of porno videos that range in quality. You will find a multitude of videos in HD (720p) and full HD (1080p), but you will also find videos in lower resolutions. We don't mind the fact that some of the videos are not HD, because we realize that they were probably shot a long time ago.

    Another nice addition are the picture galleries. If you like to see Asian xxx images, you will be glad to know that this website has you covered! We like the fact that photo galleries can be downloaded as .zip sets. The streaming speeds are fairly standard, we haven't noticed any big problems.

    The diversity of Asian xxx videos on this website is pretty good. You will find solo videos with tender Asian girls playing with their fuzzy cunts, hardcore sex, group sex, roleplay, interracial, and plenty more. There is a large quantity of different categories, which is always a nice sight. The fact that there are thousands of porn vids on this website is something that everyone can appreciate.

    If you like watching authentic JAV models and exclusive Asian porn - longtimepass.com will probably fulfill all of your needs, but continue reading and learn more about the different aspects of this website.

    Is the price worth it?

    We haven't noticed that this website is overpriced, on the contrary. Prices of membership access are pretty standard, but we think that paying is well-worth it due to the fact that the content is absolutely great.

    If you would like to become a member, you will pay:

    • $1 for a 1 day trial membership
    • $27.95 for a 1 month membership (regular)
    • $19.95 per month when you purchase a 3 month membership
    • $7.95 per month when you purchase a 12 month membership

    Can I use the website easily?

    One of the things that makes or breaks a website is the design. If the user interface doesn't present you with all of the necessary info, then the usability of the website drops down.

    Luckily, longtimepass is a website that is reliable and functional. If you are looking for a website that helps you find anything you might need, then this website is what you are looking for. There are many filtering and sorting options given to you - this means that you can find exactly what you need without any problems.

    We have mentioned that the colors are not to are liking, but that is completely subjective and it won't influence you in any way. The videos load pretty fast, and the pages load almost instantly. We couldn't ask for more from this website, it is functional and fast.

    What are the downsides?

    We have tried really hard to find something that we can put down as a downside. We tried out best to find at least a minor annoyance, but we couldn't do it. The only thing that is considered a downside is that not all of the videos are full HD, but that doesn't even matter because there are thousands of videos that are in full HD.

    Will I receive a bonus after joining?

    Yes, you will receive access to three websites when you join. This might seem like a small number to you, but remember that you will receive access to literally thousands of hot Asian xxx videos.

    Ending words

    If you love watching sexy Asian porn stars, you will feel like you're at home on longtimepass. There is a massive amount of smutty Asian xxx videos on this website, and most of them are in gorgeous full HD.

    You will find girls with shaved pussies, and girls with hairy pussies - there is something for everyone on Long Time Pass.

    The prices are standard, longtimepass.com works great, the content is immense, and the unlimited download is the icing on the cake.

    If you are looking for a perfect website dedicated to Asian porn - you have found it!

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