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    Updated on Jan 28, 2017
    Pornhub is the hottest place when it comes to adult videos. This website has been around for a long time, and during that time it has grown into a massive website loaded to the brim with XXX videos.

    We at PornCrash took the time to see what the website offers, and now you can learn about it.
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    Free porn with a bonus

    Pornhub is an extremely popular free porn website. It is filled with a vast amount of raunchy adult videos. If you are someone who enjoys watching high-quality porn, you will love spending time on Pornhub.

    This smutty website caters to may different fetishes; you can be sure that you will find something that can spark your interest. If you are not satisfied with the content available to free users, we advise you to try out the premium option.

    You can watch tons of porno videos as a free user, but real fun begins once you go premium. The first thing you will notice once you purchase a premium account is that there are no ads. Yes, as a premium user you don't have to watch annoying ads! As a premium user, you will receive loads of exclusive content that you can't find in a different place.

    If you are not satisfied with the video quality as a free user, you will be glad to know that premium users get to watch huge amounts of high quality HD porn.

    Fast load times

    When it comes to speed, Pornhub is one of the best websites out there. You never have to sit idly in front of your PC or mobile device waiting for a video to load. Besides being fast, this website is designed in a way that will help you find anything you need. All of the porno movies are separated in different categories - this means that you can always find what you need.

    Can you afford it?

    If you would like to become a premium Pornhub member, you can do it for only $9.99 per month. We like the fact that you can cancel your premium membership any time you want. The best part about the whole deal is that you can check out the premium offer for free! You can enjoy Pornhub premium for a whole week without paying a cent. This way you can try before you buy.

    End words

    Pornhub is one of the top porn tube websites out there, and for a good reason. You have probably visited this website at least once in your life, and you know how good it is, but it only gets better with a premium membersip.

    If you hate ads, want exclusive content and HD porn videos, try out the premium membership!
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