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PornCrash provides a service where you can submit your own adult news for free!

Doesn't matter if you're a website owner, newcomer, porn star or just someone who have a really great adult story.
We like to share it with thousands of people per day.
Maybe you have a live show on weekend, some new feature on your website or any other great story about your own product, just submit it! Spreading news to porn/adult consumers was never easier!

Rules for submitting adult news

Of course every service has some rules. If you want us to spread your news you just have to follow these short rules:

  • We will not post news about illegal, stolen or even forbidden content.
  • You should provide unique content, we will check your submissions against massive copied content.
  • Submit at least about 200 words.
  • Submit only english text.

Some tips

  • Proofread your content before submitting, we will not correct mistakes and don't post news with many of them.
  • The first one to two sentences are the most important one, try to attract attention with it!
  • Attach at the end of your message a list of image url's! Images are great and will improve the user experience while they read your news.
  • You can also attach YouTube videos. Just put in the URL on the place where you want us to include the video.
We will edit your submission and add the images you put in your post.

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