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Researchers Perform an Orgasm Study With Help of PornHub

By PornCrash
LOS ANGELES - A new study has been published in the Journal of Sex Research, and it shows that women orgasm less than men in the most popular porn videos.

The study has been conducted on PornHub - a famous adult entertainment website, and the videos used in the study were on the website's list of 50 most-viewed videos of all time. Authors say that the results of the study showed them that only 18.3 percent of women reach orgasm, which is a minuscule number when compared to 70 percent of men who orgasm in the above-mentioned videos.

Out of all the women who were shown orgasming, 45 percent managed to orgasm through vaginal stimulation, while 35 percent achieved an orgasm through anal sex. The research doesn't mention other stats related to other methods of achieving orgasms.

Authors of the study said that the results show a huge orgasm gulf between the two sexes, but they didn't say anything about the reasons behind the numbers. “Social representations, which appear in a variety of media, can influence the way sexual experiences are perceived and understood,” the authors of the study said. “While pornography is not the only medium in which orgasm is portrayed, it is the most explicit, and it is widespread and easily accessible."

The researchers concluded their study by saying that representations of male and female orgasms in mainstream pornography may serve to keep alive the unrealistic beliefs and expectations when it comes to female orgasms and male sexual performance.