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Private Viewing Experience on xHamster – Night Mode

By PornCrash
xHamsters new dark theme

Los Angeles - kings of adult entertainment, xHamster, have announced a "Night Mode," that is meant to provide the user with a better, and more private viewing experience.

The purpose of the Night Mode is to allow the users to enjoy xHamster in the dark, by switching the background to a low-light, black one. The VP of xHamster, Alex Hawkins, said that xHamster fans deserve privacy when they are watching, uploading or chatting. “We know most of our users visit the site late at night, and too many porn sites light up the room when you log on. We believe that if you’re watching a cuckold stepmom gangbang at 2 a.m., it’s nobody’s business but your own,” Mr. Hawkins explained.

Mr. Hawkins added that certain studies have shown that porn is good for you, but watching a bright screen during the night certainly isn't good. Mr. Hawkins want's everyone to enjoy porn videos without lighting up the whole room during the late hours of the night.

Hawkins also reminded us that xHamster has been among the first websites to switch to the HTTPS protocol, which helps with the protection of users' video habits. Another reminder was regarding the fact that xHamster backed the Minimeyes motion sensor, which hides the browser when someone unexpectedly barges into the user's room.

During its lengthy presence on the Internet, xHamster has helped millions of users to avoid corporate blocks, government bans, and non-secure Internet in countries where freedom is limited. The company has recently fought the Digital Economy Act in the U.K. - an act which would require porn fans to be listed in a database.

The Night Mode is currently in a beta version, and only registered users can try it out at the moment. Soon enough, after it is tested, the Night Mode will be released to general use. If you want to set up and try out the Night Mode, log into your account, and simply activate it from the menu next to the "Upload" button.