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New Addition to the Coercion Domination Niche –

By PornCrash
LOS ANGELES - Famous XXX brand Evil Angel has announced their new adult website related to "domination by outrageous coercion." The should go live this August, following the release of the brand's first movie, "Blackmailed Tenants," which should be available on DVDs and VOD on 5th of July.

The CFO of Evil Angel Adam Grayson said that the Blackmailed content has been a part of Evil Angel for more than a year, but it didn't fit well with the core audience. He continued that the above-mentioned content has been killing it on plenty of different platforms, but it didn't do well on

For those reasons, the company has decided to create a fresh brand that differs from the core offer. The emphasis is on the story development and production value, which doesn't mean that there won't be any sex, but it won't necessarily be the main point of the scene.

The company has said that the consumers seek content with high production values, and will give them exactly that, as well as a rich user experience. EvilAngel claims that many of their fans are curious about the idea of creepy men using blackmail to conquer sexy girls, which is why will soon go live.

If you are curious about who will be the creative director, you will be glad to know that it is none other than Kevin Moore, who also originated the concept. Mr. Moore is working on putting the A-list talent into narrative-based scenes focused on dialogues and acting. Sex scenes will be motivated by the immoral situations that can have humiliating consequences - a perfect treat for anyone who loves seeing nasty things happen to those who leave themselves exposed to indelicate indiscretions.

If you want to learn more about the new brand, you should visit the @Blackmailed_com Twitter page where you can not only watch new sneak peaks and photo galleries, but also receive free scenes if you sign up for the email list.

The future of coercive sex porn is near, and it looks brighter than ever. The only thing left to do is to wait for the Blackmailed website to go live, and then we can finally see if Kevin Moore's new videos will meet our expectations.