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Kristy Black nominated "iStripper Talent of the Month – January 2018"

By celine4istripper from iStripper
Kristy Black nominated iStripper
For Immediate release - January 5th 2018

iStripper is proud to announce that Kristy Black has been chosen to be iStripper Talent of the Month for January 2018.

Kristy Black is a rising star. She comes from Czech Republic where she's born 23 years ago. She started in adult in 2015 and 2017 has seen an explosion of her career, her quote of popularity and the #of searches for her name on big sites have exploded this year !

Kristy has several piercings on strategic places of her body (tongue, navel, pussy, breasts) and small texts tatooed on her back "I love anal sex" & "fuck me" on her lower belly, what reveals a very naughty personnality.

To the question "what are your centers of interest" she answered: "I love sex, naughty sex stuff and erotic litterature".

Kristy is a dream -said iStripper photographer. Not only her physical assets are fantastic but she also perfectly knows how to tease in front of a camera ! She's an incredible professional with a great endurance. She kept her cheerfulness in all circumstances and faced all our demands with enthusiasm, even when we asked her to do some pole dance, climb on a swing in our studios, hang to a trapeze, write a fansign for one of our members, etc.

Easy to understand why most of iStripper members have plebiscited her come back for a second shooting session ! She's rated 4,73/5 on iStripper with a special ovation for her xxx shows !

Customers are unanimous, commenting her shows. Extracts :

There is something beguiling about Kristy's persona. She is the queen of progressive tease. Ther way her subtile expressions and eyes direct your attention to what is coming in te way a good story teller might. On top of that she can be soothing & exciting at the same time. Superb edging, explicitry & sensuality.

One of the hottest girls to ever appear on this site. I've been waiting for this. She's spectacular and I hope you have a lot more cards of her coming out ! BRAVO !

iStripper has always been very watchful toward castings - says Richard, CEO of iStripper. We even have a specific section on our forum where our members can cast models and share their opinions.
We know the quality of our models' performances is key to iStripper. We specialise in bringing the highest quality of stripteases directly onto computer desktops, without background.
Our models must be perfect, as our software ensures the focus is on them.

iStripper is the only product in the World to propose stripteases of real professional models directly onto the computer taskbar, without background. Previously named VirtuaGirl, the concept and the company exist for over 15 years and rely on a unique & exclusive technology of video inlay that also makes iStripper's content not tubable and positiones it as a Good Value on our very competitive market. Thanks to a very strong strategy of promotion & retention, iStripper has recorded a +20% revenue increase in 2017, which makes it a key player on the market !

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